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21st October 2014

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a system that condones and forgives the murder of marginalized individuals is killing them. 

not only that but a system that allows people to die (from joblessness, from homelessness, from inability to access medical or psychiatric care) is killing them.

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21st October 2014

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[video] [h/t: sizvideos]

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21st October 2014

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21st October 2014

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i just had to draw this because i feel like screaming tbh

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21st October 2014

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look what i wasted my day doing.

done in iscribble

listed to this on repeat

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21st October 2014

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this symbol does not represent mainstream feminism


this is the symbol for black feminism, that black feminists have created and been using for decades to represent our struggle against anti-black misogyny, hence the combination of the black power fist and the symbol for womanhood.




so stop tattooing yourself with this symbol and selling overpriced patches and pins on etsy, you are appropriating and profiting off the work of black feminists. Work that we have dedicated our lives to create and sustain, even though we are constantly erased from history. Respect our community, respect our activism, and stop spreading false information that distorts our history. 




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21st October 2014

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Rep Fest: I feel like in the Classic Rock/Music fandom a lot of people are really preoccupied with the British Invasion artists and other white artists (ie: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly etc, etc.) They don’t seem to know about some of the black artists that were making just as big of a splash in America at that time. So, I thought this was a good time to showcase some of the awesome black men and women who were making great music at that time.

Shown Above:
The Supremes - Chuck Berry
The Temptations - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Little Richard
James Brown - The Marvelettes
Aretha Franklin - The Isley Brothers

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21st October 2014

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andr0idkarenina said: Is denying a problematic article a violation of freedom of speech? One of the guys in my journalism class is writing a really racist and Islamophobic article that could cause controversy but all of the editors think its okay.


I’m going to quote a great blog post on this topic by Valerie Aurora:

Here’s what free speech actually means in the U.S. and how it protects us:

  1. Free speech is shorthand for the First Amendment. It says:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    Notice that it forbids Congress from making a law abridging the freedom of speech. It doesn’t say anything about anyone else.

  2. Free speech is about stopping government censorship. What is dangerous and leads us into a repressive system is the government using its massive power to silence people who threaten its power. The press is the watchdog of the U.S. government; without it the powerful will move to consolidate their power and we’ll be helpless. Look at Putin and the journalists he’s murdered – that’s what we’re worried about.
  3. The First Amendment says nothing about non-governmental entities. Things like newspapers, radio, and book publishers don’t have a huge army, the police, the courts, or other major sources of power to abuse. (Media monopolies excepted, hence on-going attempts to prevent it.) The government can’t stop someone from saying racist things on the street corner, but you can sure as heck kick them out of your living room. Definitely no one has to pay to publish someone’s speech – try telling Random House that free speech means they have to publish your novel. Good luck!
  4. Freedom to say what you want is not freedom from people reacting to what you say. It’s your right to say something hateful and rude. It’s my right to stop paying you to do it, to tell you that you are a jerk, to fire you, or to stop being your friend. Think about it, if free speech really worked the way people often think, then deleting death threats from your blog comments would turn us into fascist Italy. I think we can agree that that doesn’t seem too likely.

21st October 2014

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saltysamgirl said: 1) I have one story I find interesting, kind of in response to all men who think that women/feminists should care more about discrimination against men. So my mother is a teacher in school, and she made a survey in her school, on kids 13-16 years old, about gender roles and gender discrimination in school. Some of the questions were about boys i.e. "Do you agree that boys should be taller and stronger than their girlfriends" or "Do you agree that boys shouldn't cry".

2) And guess which gender agreed more with statements like this? That’s right! Only 30% of girls agreed that boys shouldn’t be allowed to cry, against 70% of boys who thought that it’s true. So, men: it’s not women who limits you and set standards for masculinity. It’s patriarchy. If you’re really bothered by things like this, you should try to destroy this system, not feminist movement.

21st October 2014

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21st October 2014

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my position on psychiatric drugs is that they should be prescribed on the basis of informed consent.

informed consent means not having a nurse hold down an 18 year old kid while they’re given an injection.

informed consent means not withholding necessary medical treatment until a patient is compliant.

informed consent means telling patients that anti-psychotics have been linked to shrinking the size of the brain before they’re prescribed.

informed consent means telling patients that risperidone can cause lactation before it’s prescribed

informed consent means telling patients olanzapine can cause weight gain before it’s prescribed

informed consent means you are completely honest about the pros and cons of a particular drug before you prescribe it. it means you list all the side efffects and their likelihood of happening. it means you are honest about the potential for therapy as an alternative. it means you don’t pressure, guilt or emotionally manipulate your patients into taking drugs

informed consent means you let patients decide for themselves

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21st October 2014

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21st October 2014

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Tweet by Joseph Fink reading: Just to play devil's advocate, here's the hateful belief I secretly hold that i want to be able to argue for without standing behind.

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21st October 2014

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20th October 2014

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never let your printer know that you waited until the last minute to print something and you’re in a hurry. they can sense fear

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